History of Union Chubb Locks

History of Union Chubb Locks

History of Union Chubb Locks The history of Union Locks dates back to 1840 when the company was first started as a family business in Willenhall, which is popularly known as the center of Britain’s lock making industry for over 400 years. When it comes to high-end...
Insurance Company

Insurance Company

The Importance of British Standard Locks Making sure to use only British Standard Locks can protect residents, tenants, and landlords in the event of a burglary. In fact, if you’re not using British Standard Locks, you may face complications with your home insurance...

How does a Night Latch work?

 How does a night latch work? This is a video which will help you with an understanding of How does a Night Latch work? from R&M LOCKSMITH. A Night Latch is a lock which is used for convenience. Night latches has a handle on the inside and a rim cylinder on the...

Inside Of A Mechanism

Morning or night, rain or shine – R&M Locksmith in East London are out there, providing a consistent, dependable and value for money local locksmith service. As proud and committed locksmiths in East London, we have been working 24/7 for a number of years across...
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