Insurance Company

Insurance Company

The Importance of British Standard Locks Making sure to use only British Standard Locks can protect residents, tenants, and landlords in the event of a burglary. In fact, if you’re not using British Standard Locks, you may face complications with your home insurance...

How does a Night Latch work?

 How does a night latch work? This is a video which will help you with an understanding of How does a Night Latch work? from R&M LOCKSMITH. A Night Latch is a lock which is used for convenience. Night latches has a handle on the inside and a rim cylinder on the...

Inside Of A Mechanism

Morning or night, rain or shine – R&M Locksmith in East London are out there, providing a consistent, dependable and value for money local locksmith service. As proud and committed locksmiths in East London, we have been working 24/7 for a number of years across...
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