Frequently Asked Questions – Euro Cylinders

Professional advice for euro cylinders – here’s our frequently asked questions you need before placing an order for your cylinder door lock.

What are euro cylinders?

Every lock has a particular part that can be changed easily, it is known as euro cylinder or door barrel. It is an independent unit that when set up, positions the actual lock and its entire component parts. A euro lock style was inherited by the double glazing industry back in the old days and it has remained with us since then in the United Kingdom. It is constructed like a series of pins that meet with the key pattern to enable the barrel to turn. When the barrel is turned, this implies the cam is turned in the centre and this, at that point, gets the locks turned in your door.

Why is it necessary to change my current euro cylinder?

Old doors are installed with ancient euro cylinder style with little in-built security features like anti-drill, anti-pick, as well as snap and bump resistance features constructed into the design as standard.

Is it easy to install new euro cylinders?

It is extremely easy. There is one screw at the side of the door, the cylinder will be released through it. We have a guide to put you through how a euro cylinder can be replaced, the entire process requires just a few minutes!

What you need is the right screwdriver and the key for the euro cylinder, anyone can replace the cylinder. You may find taking the screw out a little difficult (be careful when screwing, particularly if tight and use only your hand screwdriver, not a drill).

How do I know the size of the euro lock?

Measuring the size of the euro lock you need is possible in two ways – you can either remove the lock from the door and measure or measure when the lock is inside the door. You may check our guide on how a euro cylinder can be measured for a better understanding.

Can the sizes be reversible?

Absolutely! They are made in a normal double ended key cylinder. Some of these locks have an anti-snap functionality on a side so check this (DL30 anti snap locks), while the Yale Superior Euro Cylinders are made with snap resistance on its two sides, which make it reversible. For instance, a 40/50 size is the same as a 50/40 size, thus, it is possible to use it either way on the door. Depending upon the thickness of the door.

I have a euro lock hidden behind the frame?

Many French doors come this way, with the slave door having an additional frame attached to its side. It is easy to remove, through four or five long screws, attaching the one-piece frame to the door. When this is done, you will access the screen for the lock and can uninstall the lock similarly to the door on the other side. Ensure the one-piece frame is re-fixed back to its initial position when done.

There are 5 pins on my euro cylinder; can a 6 pin euro cylinders work?

Absolutely! There is no bearing for the number on the replacement unless your door is extremely narrow and the euro cylinder can only accept 5 pins. This is applicable to other euro locks such as dimple and trace patterns in which more pins exist.

After the installation of a new euro cylinder, it is hard to use the keys?

Unscrew the door handle and undo the side fixing bolt, then turn the key. Sometimes, the cylinder tries to find its actual level. The moment you have this, slightly pinch the screws up and try it again until the screws are completely tightened in the lock. If this does not work, you can use a 3-in-1 or the PTFE based oil or any lubricant to get the lock back to its original condition. Alternatively contact us to take care of such issues.

How does lock snapping work?

Burglars use lock snapping technique where euro cylinders are snapped. Lock snapping is also a unique tool used to loosen up the locks on your door. The euro cylinder has a weak point, which is the middle fixing screw; you have to be careful to avoid the cylinder protruding too much from the door as this can be tied up and twisted, thereby breaking the cylinder. The cylinder locks having a break line around the end of the cylinder are also vulnerable since it is possible for the PVC to open up to allow the cylinder to be clamped beyond its break line. However, cylinders which we supply is made of a reinforced snap zone, which cushions the screw hole in the middle through a hardened pin and is highly secure compared to the break-line models you see on the market. Our 3 star anti snap door lock is also available upon request only; it conforms to TS007 and tested to be anti-snap. It would also break! However, in the event that your home is forcefully targeted, there might be different approaches to conquer this and no lock can withstand that magnitude of heavy attack. You can read more about lock snapping for more understanding of this issue and the reason your euro locks need to be changed.

What is lock bumping?

Burglars use this technique to bounce the lock pins into a straight line and a rapid action will make the euro cylinder lock turn. The keys are special and the process can be extremely fast.

Does euro cylinder have secured thumbturns like normal cylinders?

These types of locks have not been backed by insurance companies for now; they are not secured compared to the typical double ended euro cylinders. This is due to the possibility of using devices through a letterbox that can access the thumbturn, or there is a close glass, which is part of the door. If you are unsure, reach your insurer to get advice in whichever case you find yourself concerning thumbturn euro cylinders.

A bar coded card was sent with the security cylinder, why?

The bar coded card is your security card and should be compulsorily kept safe always. You can call the number found on the card to re-order the keys and quote the bar code references or send the card to the approved key cutter.

The length of the retaining screw is too short or too long?

You can use the previous screw since this is the actual length. However, in a case whereby the previous screw is damaged, then make sure the new screw is the same size as the previous one (you can cut down screws). The lock case can be damaged by longer screws.

Are there extra keys?

You can order this when ordering your locks. Meanwhile, you can use popular key cutters like Timpsons to help you get extra keys.

Is it possible to order additional keys later?

Definitely. You have to send us a picture of the key and the key card to make sure they match. When we get the code, we can use the key-cutter machine to replicate the pattern for you.

How many keys do you give?

Some factors are considered for this. If you order single cylinders, 3 keys are given for each cylinder. If you order keyed alike euro cylinders, 3 keys will be given for the entire set immediately you order, but if you desire to match the key pattern to the previous cylinders, we would not provide any, but you will have to order one key so we can use this to get you a new barrel(s).

How safe is it to order keys from you?

We operate on strict policy and system for key replication in-house with respect to the guidelines below.

The customer’s order address information will not be seen by the key cutter personnel.

Pin numbers are not required and should not be transferred between two people within the organization.

The higher management must issue key blanks to the key cutter and must be the actual number needed for the order. If the blanks are bad or have to be changed during the cutting process, then these have to be sent back to the controller and must be accounted for. With this, no one will be able to cut additional keys.

If a report is sent by the customer regarding a missing key(s), the entire order must be returned and a new key number must be given.

Any customer who orders extra keys with different additional keys or orders through a website has to provide a picture of the key card details as well as the key. Through the patterns, professional key cutters can read the numbers and with this, we can make sure it is the actual customer sending the key.

Are your euro cylinders British Standards?

Absolutely. Insurers ask for many of them, like BS EN1303:2005 and BS3621:2007, and they all comply. The N1303:2005 category is DL09 Yale Superior Euro Cylinder’s 1-6-0-0-0-C-6-2.

What makes your euro cylinders less expensive compared to similar spec locks?

They got great value for the money. Our pricing policy and euro locks implies we competitively provide its price. Euro cylinders are cheaper, but do not have the features, they are merely anti-drill and anti-pick euro cylinders. However if you wish to have a specific Euro Cylinder to be installed please do contact me immediately before I visit the property.