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Auto Locksmith

Can you see the car keys on the seat?

Are the car keys definitely in the boot?

Are the car keys in the ignition?

If the answer is yes to anyone of those above then please contact us to help you be on your way.

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Double Glazing Repairs

Smashed / cracked glass

Lock not working

Broken handle

Mechanism does not work

Window does not open or close

If the answer is yes to anyone of those above then please contact us to keep you protected.

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Local Locksmith

Are you looking for:

A local locksmith

Qualified Locksmith

Looking for a locksmith in my area

Reach you within 20 minutes

Available 24/7

Look no further as we will help you for whatever the reason.

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Emergency Locksmith

Need an emergency Locksmith

Lost your home / house keys

Your ex has a set of your house keys

Broken key in the lock

Left keys in the house


Bailiff requirements

We handle all types of emergency locksmith call outs. Please contact us for further details.

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R&M Locksmiths

R&M Locksmiths - we are an East London Locksmith and is here to help you when you’ve mislaid your keys or any other door and window problems. We’ve all done it at some point – what we need when this happens is prompt support and the most efficient and affordable means of accessing our property.

Our operational procedures and quality standards are renowned; we will unlock your property entryway, and provide you with a range of new locks, if required, to choose from; we provide an outstandingly broad range of locksmith services in East London: this includes double-glazing repair services, as well as auto locksmithing and lock repairs. We pride ourselves on being the most accessible, professional and diligent locksmith in East London.

We are focused on what our customers most need, so we tailor our service to you and we provide a 24/7 telephone service for any emergency queries.

At R&M Locksmith, our specialists interact directly with you; rather than referring you to a call center, we offer expert guidance on the phone and commission a locksmith in East London to be attendant at your property within 20 minutes. Our gambit of services is reinforced by our dedication to excellent customer service.

You can select from a range of lock systems, depending on what type of lock suits you best. We are one of the few locksmiths in East London who provide a comprehensive survey of your system requirements, on site, to ascertain your exact needs. If you have highly specific requirements involving tailored systems, we engage with you on this, endeavoring to satisfy all our clients.

If you need a locksmith in East London who ensures that you receive the product that best meets your requirements, get in touch. Through our survey we identify the pros and cons of each option, and once you have decided if you’d like the old lock to be repaired or would prefer a new one fitted, we install whatever you choose.

As a specialist locksmith in East London, we understand that with the range of devices available, it isn’t always easy to decide on what you want. A lot depends on the money factor, since different locks can range from a few pounds to a few hundred pounds. Taking all key factors into consideration, we provide expert advice and give you a prospective security plan that allows you to make the best decision regarding your property’s safety.

Lost Your Keys?

It’s happened to us all! – Don’t worry. Our small, friendly team of qualified locksmiths in East London are on hand to offer a range of professional locksmith services in and around the London area. Our locksmiths in East London continually strive to offer a speedy response time of 15-45 minutes, so that you can get back to your day with as little disruption as possible in busy London. Our locksmiths are able to safely gain entry to your property, and can also supply you with new locks and keys if required.

Whether you’re in need of additional security to your property in East London, or just a lock change, you can trust our small team of expert locksmiths to ensure your property is fully secured and insurance-approved in no time. We understand that choosing the best, most effective security for your property is often difficult due to the variety of security devices available. Not only that, but prices can vary from a few pounds to a few hundred pounds, so you need to be confident that you’ve made the right choice.

R&M Locksmiths are on hand to provide expert advice – we’ll help you consider the options and find the best, most suitable and affordable security solution for your property, giving you peace of mind.

For free and professional advice as a locksmith in east london, please e-mail us via our Contact Us page.

Great Customer Service

Rashid was very nice and helpful. He did a great job for a good price and he came round at very convenient times after work. I would definitely recommend.

Rosa Bell

Efficient and Reliable Service

Highly recommend, very reliable and completed the job to an excellent standard. He arrived within half an hour of calling and changed 2 locks very efficiently. Very knowledgeable too!

Salma Bilkis

Affordable Prices

Quick, easy and affordable…great work…keep it up.

Sean Woods

Looking for a locksmith in East London

Choose a provider who offers a broad range of services and products, at affordable rates, and at the highest quality standards – R&M Locksmith. Get a quote here

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