Locksmith in Hackney

Locksmith in Hackney

As a locksmith in E8 our research shows that across a year-long period, there were over 1000 cases of burglary and robbery reported in the Hackney area.

Locksmith in Hackney

As a highly-populated area, Hackney is unfortunately at high risk of crimes. As of March 2019, the burglary rate in Hackney was higher than the average rate across similar areas. This is something to be aware of if living or operating a business in the area.

Taking extra precautions to ensure your home or workspace is as best protected as it can be will help to deter any opportunists in the area.

The experts at R&M Locksmith E8 can advise on what the most suitable solutions are.

Experienced and Efficient

Whether you are preventing a break-in or recovering from one, you can count on your local locksmith in Hackney to ensure that your home or office space is secure. From double glazing repairs to local locksmithing and commercial locksmith services, our qualified professionals work with you every step of the way to make sure you get a solution that suits you.

Whatever it is that you require from us, our expert locksmith in E8 will take time to talk through all of the relevant options with you so that you can decide what you would prefer. We provide solutions from traditional hardware to digital systems with fobs and codes.

24/7 and Emergency Hackney Locksmith

Our Hackney locksmith is here for you 24 hours a day. You never know when a security emergency will arise, such as a key snapping in the door, so you can rest assured that we can be with you fast and get you back on the most quickly.

We are always just a phone call away.

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No Call Out Fee

We do not charge a call out fee, no matter the size of the job. It is encompassed in the service we provide, so we do not believe in charging extra.

Our values are strongly focused on honesty and this is reflected in our clear pricing structure. We are here to ensure that your locks and security systems function effectively, and not to rip you off.

Particularly in times of high stress like a break-in, the last thing you need is extra unnecessary costs.

To round off our honest and reliable service, once we have rectified your current situation, we can also take a look at the rest of the lock systems at your premises free of charge to ensure high standards of protection.

Locksmith in Hackney

Discounts for Places of Worship and Seniors

Funds can often be stretched with the upkeep of places of worship, and they often rely hugely on donations and fundraising within their communities to help out with costs.

As part of the Hackney locksmith service from R&M, we offer free locksmithing to all places of worship in East London. We understand that there can be precious and sentimental things kept inside. Plus, they are a safe space and social hub for communities, so they deserve the best level of security.

Contact us directly to find out more about our locksmith discounts for seniors and those with limited mobility, too.

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A Bit About Hackney

The multicultural London Borough of Hackney has lately been described as London’s most live-able borough. It is renowned for its nightlife in Shoreditch and fantastic street art. The people of Hackney are of many different backgrounds making it a truly diverse area bringing together several cultures.

Hackney is also the third most densely populated borough, which has contributed to an increase in the crime which is higher than neighbouring boroughs. With this in mind, safety precautions should be taken to prevent anything happening to your premises. Speak to your Hackney locksmith for guidance on the first steps to securing your home or office space.

Why Us?

R&M Locksmith has developed a brilliant reputation for being there when you need us, day or night, and providing the highest quality of customer service around the clock. You can rest assured that when you choose R&M as your local locksmith in Hackney, you will get the best-suited recommendations to fit the issue that you are facing with your locks and security systems.

In addition to our Hackney locksmith service, we also operate across all boroughs in East London, so we are never too far away and can reach you fast.

Perhaps you require urgent help, or maybe you have a query about how to fix a lock yourself. Either way, our team will be happy to advise you on the best approach, and where direction is needed, we can advise over the phone.

If you have a small issue with a lock that may need tightening or difficulty with keys, you can fill in our quick quote form online and request a call back to discuss.

In the event that you require an emergency locksmith, you are likely to get the fastest response by calling us directly on (+44) 7557513437. This way, we can respond immediately.

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