Terms Of Service

At R&M Locksmiths we are proud to offer our customers an honest, reliable and value for money service. Although the very nature of being a 24/7 locksmiths offering a range of services across London does not make it possible to have a ‘set in stone’ price list, we endeavour to be as transparent as we can at all times with our pricing. As such, we are happy to provide a free estimate over the phone when discussing your requirements, and also happy to take a look at any pictures you have of the prospective job to ensure that estimate is as accurate as possible. As indicated above, each job is unique and contains any number of factors that can influence the total price, including but not limited to the time of the callout, location, and the materials required to complete the job to R&M Locksmith’s high standards.

With regard to materials, please note that Euro Cylinder and Rim Cylinder locks are usually provided straight away. If any specific alternative locks or peripherals are required we should be informed of this prior to work commencing, as these may be at an additional cost and can take up to 10 working days to arrive once ordered. At R&M Locksmiths we treat every callout with the respect it deserves, as we understand that your time is very valuable to you. We trust that you understand the same is true for us, and as such please note that once a job is discussed and a callout agreed upon a callout charge of up to £89 (dependant on area) will be applicable even if you subsequently cancel.

Should you require emergency locksmith services, please note that we will require proof of identity in the form of photo ID and proof of address, for example a recent utility bill. Should these not be to hand and we provide access to a property, please be aware that the police will be informed. We kindly request that when calling us out you ensure there is adequate parking available for us to set up where we need to in order to perform our work, and/or a parking permit available to us if necessary. Should this not be the case you will be liable for any parking payments (including parking fines) arising as a direct result of our callout. In addition, you shall also be liable for any congestion charge or toll tariffs accrued, which we will require be paid within 14 days.

At R&M Locksmiths we are rightly proud of our reputation for quality, and our long track record of satisfied customers. As such, we kindly ask that once we have completed the job requested you take the time to check the work completed and inform us of any issues or additional requirements you have. It is assumed that once we receive payment we can take it as confirmation that you are satisfied with all aspects of the work undertaken. All our repair works and locks installed come with a 6 month guarantee, although works on additional issues (including but not limited to different locks, mechanisms or door alignment) shall be treated as separate issues with separate fees applicable. Equally, we shall not be held liable for any additional problems with previously completed works should you have had another party work on it in the intervening period.

We would always request that you inform us as soon as possible if you have any concerns, such as a rattling handle or jittering lock, and allow us time to arrange a revisit as swiftly as is possible. With regard to payment, cash or cash transfers are accepted, and invoices are provided upon request. Prices shown are guideline prices only and are subject to change; you should speak to one of our team today for an accurate estimate. All calls are recorded and monitored for training and security purposes.