Rim Cylinder
5 pins rim type lock (basic/standard security): £20-70 depending on the brand
6 pins rim type lock (medium security): £70-95 depending on the brand
7 pins rim type lock: (high security): £95-150 depending on the brand
Euro Cylinder
5 pins Euro type lock (basic standard security): £20-40 depending on the brand
6 pins Euro type lock (medium security): £40-60 depending on the brand
7 pins Euro type lock (high security): £120-140 depending on the brand
Basic deadlock: £35-66
Medium security deadlock: £66-89
High security deadlock: £89-120
All labour charge is priced depending on the circumstance. (Please contact us to discuss further)
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When contacting us you will reap the benefits of a professional locksmith. Many other locksmiths will go straight in to your lock by drilling. Now of course this process takes time, sweat, energy and more of a cost. A good locksmith is one that asks 100’s of questions over the phone prior to visiting your property / premises. A good locksmith will try to open the door without the use of a drill for at least 20 minutes before starting to drill if need be.

London East Locksmith are fully certified and covered with professional indemnity and public liability insurance. When contacting us we will provide a free quote and very helpful advice. We do also suggest that if for any reason that you had any double glazing repairs we charge by the hour of £70 per hour plus parts. Double glazing has many components and trying to get them right does take time and effort. Please see below a list of all other prices.

At London East Locksmith we are determined to provide our customers with the best locksmith service. Check out our pricing guide to get the idea.

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Locksmith Prices at London East Locksmith

At London East Locksmith, our goal is to provide high quality locksmith service at low cost, we are determined to our customer needs and so aim to offer a comprehensive locksmith price list for all services we offer across all our UK locations. We’ve listed above a small range of our locksmith costs for the most popular services ordered. If you’d like to receive a full service locksmith price list please contact our customer support team today.Low Cost Locksmith London