How Much Does A Locksmith Charge In UK?

A locksmith in the UK will normally charge £60 to £150 in labour. This all depends on many factors, such as:

  1. The time of day. Some locksmiths may prefer the evenings because there would be less traffic and less parking restrictions.

  2. Location. If the job is local then the labour could be charged at £60.

  3. Big companies that should be avoided. You will notice this when the person says, “We will get someone out to you”. You must beware of such organisations because they charge extortionately.

  4. Weather conditions. In extreme weather conditions, most locksmiths don’t feel like doing any work; particularly in icy conditions when it’s too dangerous to drive. Locksmiths avoid stating that they are closed; therefore prices are pushed up deliberately in order to avoid your complaints on Google.

  5. Avoiding when a locksmith states the price as “FROM…”. The price could end up in the hundreds of pounds.

  6. Checking all reviews on Google in particular, and filtering the lowest ratings. You will find some very surprising stories and charges.

  7. Avoiding a locksmith that turns up holding only a drill to get into the door. When a locksmith does this, tell them to kindly leave. There are other ways of getting past the door, which should be tried first. These are known as non-destructive routes.

  8. Drilling as the last resort. Upon arrival of the locksmith, if drilling is the only option then ask the locksmith for the price of the lock out service (labour), and how much for the part.

  9. Contacting your landlord or letting agency. This will save you a lot of money.

  10. Waiting for your friend, housemate, or family member, with the key.

  11. Climbing over your neighbour’s fence. But be very careful as long as only if the back door is open.

  12. Checking for window openings.

Please only use these techniques if it is your own property. But always lock your door fully; otherwise it’s very easy to get into your home.