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Commercial Locksmith

As a Commercial Locksmith we understand that as a working professional, your business is your priority. At London East Locksmiths, we make it our priority to get you back into your premises as soon as possible with our commercial locksmith service.

Whether you are looking to upgrade the security of your office or storefront to protect or recover from a break-in, our commercial locksmith service is here to attend to all your requirements.

Just as personal goods must be protected at home, we understand that the safety of your stock, hardware and data is just as, if not more, important to protect. No matter what size your business is, you can rely on us.

What is a commercial locksmith?

Commercial locksmiths are highly trained professions who are experienced with specific kinds of locks used in businesses, offices, and corporations. The locks used here are very unique than your average residential locks.

Why do you require a commercial locksmith?

As a commercial locksmith due to our experience of over 7 years, it is very rare that an establishment would require a commercial locksmith to gain access. Usually, businesses always hold master keys as a backup plan. Keys are normally held with a supervisor, manager, or leaseholder. Therefore, loss of keys is not a common problem for businesses.

As a commercial locksmith in east London, our main callout is primarily for lock repairs and replacements. Below are some images that we think that you would need assistance with as to whether you are a shopkeeper or have an office.

What is a commercial locksmith?

Oval Bullet Lock

The Oval Bullet Lock is normally installed on shutter doors and is intended to secure your door. These locks are often used on Business/storage units and shops.

Round Cylinder Bullet Lock

The Round Cylinder Bullet Lock is usually installed on shutter doors and is intended to secure your door. These locks are often used on shops and Business/storage units.

Door key Switch

The Roller Shutter Door Key Switch is normally operated In conjunction with electrical controlled roller shutters. Will require a cylinder lock with this device.

Hook Deadbolt

The Roller Shutter Door Key Switch is normally operated In conjunction with electrical controlled roller shutters. Will require a cylinder lock with this device.

Digital Door Locks

Digital Door Locks provide extra security protection for office doors. Therefore these locks provide access to only persons that you need to provide access to.

Office Furniture Locks

Confidential paperwork/files these locks simply provide a locking ability to a cupboard door which is often used with office furniture.

What is a commercial locksmith?

What our customers think of us:

Quality Service at Great Value

Our efficient commercial locksmith service is quick and reliable, minimising disruptions to your working day with:

  • Free 24/7 call-out

  • Expert, fully trained, and qualified locksmith for all kinds of lock fixing and changing

  • Vastly experienced with all sizes of business and commercial locksmithing needs

  • Upfront pricing and free premises security check

Why R&M Commercial Locksmith Services?

Our expert commercial locksmith is vastly experienced in dealing with a range of commercial doors, such as manual shutters, mechanical shutters, office doors, internal doors, shopfront doors, and office lockout service.

We take pride in the tailored service we offer. Each instance is different and we will carefully evaluate the situation before we get started on the repair or replacements.

This means that, unlike many other commercial locksmiths, you will only be charged for what actually needs doing.

Remember that with R&M, the call-out and assessment are free of charge, too. We make sure to ask all of the right questions before attending your premises. This helps us to fully understand your situation and the type of lock we are dealing with.

We always try to open the door without the use of a drill for at least 20 minutes; because we know commercial locks are expensive. Of course, for added peace of mind, we hold full professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

For expert advice on your specific situation, and a straightforward quote, business owners call us now!

What is a commercial locksmith?

Trouble can strike at any time of day, and we know that not all businesses operate from 9 to 5. Our emergency commercial locksmith can come and help you out 24 hours around the clock, as your safety always comes first.

Read more about our 24-hour call-out here.

Improving Safety Measures

If it is time for you to implement or develop better commercial security systems, you can consider all of your lock-related issues resolved with us. From high-security locks to digital keypads, our commercial locksmiths are equipped with the best quality locks from respected brands. Rest assured that your premises will be better protected from harm with the latest in digital and traditional lock engineering and fitting capabilities.

Fire Safety

Measures for health and safety go hand in hand with security at work, particularly fire safety.

For information on what is necessary to incorporate the best standard of fire safety into your commercial security systems, read our blog on business penalties for fire escape doors.

Fire Doors are essential for businesses especially if they have staff, clients, and customers. Push-button, Push Bars, magnetic release, fire alarms are all a must which a fire inspector will check.

When our commercial locksmith comes to service your locks, you can also ask for guidance on fire safety and receive a full review of your company’s security.

Burglary Damage and Recovery

Having the misfortune of being a victim of burglary is distressing and stressful. When stock and equipment are compromised which stops you from carrying on with your day-to-day work, we understand the dismay.

R&M Commercial Locksmith can guarantee that your locks and access systems will be fixed and replaced as efficiently as possible. We will improve your commercial security systems while also surveying the rest of the security at your premises, helping you and your business to become compliant with most insurance requirements.

Master Keys and Forgotten Combinations

Business owners can save themselves time in the future by getting master keys cut for offices where staff have individual keys.

Staff lockers can also be an issue when, for instance, keys are misplaced or combinations are forgotten. There is no job too small; our goal is to ensure that you and your workforce can get back in business on secure premises as quickly as possible.

Locked out of the safe? As well as helping you to access what you need, we can also provide suggestions on how to manage and protect keys and backups so that it doesn’t happen again.

Your New Locksmith of Choice

When safety is compromised, the last thing you want is to be conned when trying to resolve it. Our commercial locksmith service is upfront with pricing and we strive to sort things as quickly as possible. This is why our locksmiths carry a vast array of locks with them to every job; this saves time on having to go back and forth to suppliers, and thus, can resolve your issue much faster.

Do you require final confirmation that London East is the locksmith you are looking for? Feel free to read through our 5-star Google Reviews, and then give us a call on 07557513437.

Keep Your Business Secure with Our Blog

At London East Locksmith, we aim to provide a two-step solution. In the first instance, we solve the safety problem, and second, we keep you clued up on how to stay safe in the longer term, too.

We regularly share news about the latest in locks and security on our blog, as well as tips on safety in general. Keep up to date with the latest how-to guides on fitting and changing locks if you feel confident to give it a go yourself at some point.

Follow Up Advice

After we have gotten you safely back into your premises, we can perform a full review of the security at your business – for example, getting all the locks changed to British Standard Locks, to ensure you are compliant with most insurance requirements. We can additionally install security locks and master key systems; whatever you need to keep your business safe. Get in touch for a discussion about how we can make your premises safer!