Locksmith in Canary Wharf

Locksmith in Canary Wharf

Over the course of a year, there is on average 150 reports of burglary and robbery in the Canary Wharf area.

locksmith in canary wharf

Not disastrously high, you may think, but what if you or your business were one of the 150 victims?

At R&M Locksmith, we strive for an environment where these numbers are significantly reduced, and that faulty or outdated security systems play no part in these crimes.

Of course, this is a difficult task, but with every resident or business owner, we can help with the strongest and most reliable security, the closer we get to lowering these crime rates.

Reliable Canary Wharf Locksmith

We pride ourselves on our honesty and the value that our service provides. Whether it is lock repair and replacement you require, commercial locksmithing, or something else locally, we are more than happy to shed some light on the situation and offer the most viable solutions for you.

If you are looking to revamp or upgrade your home or office security systems, our fully qualified E14 locksmith can discuss all suitable options with you so that you can make an informed decision.

Our product offering spans from traditional locks to digital security systems with fobs and code access.

We understand that each client will have specific needs, so you can expect a personalised service with options to best suit your circumstances.

For further reassurance of our great service, you can check out our Google Reviews.

24-Hour Call Out

We understand that crime often doesn’t take place during the usual 9-5 routine. This is why we offer a 24-hour Canary Wharf locksmith service. Whenever trouble strikes or worries arise, you can call us and guarantee that you will get the best quality of service 24 hours around the clock, 7 days a week.

Whether it is an emergency locksmithing situation or a security survey, our team will arrive fully equipped. This means that less time is wasted sourcing supplies unless it is absolutely necessary. Even then, we won’t charge you for the extra time needed to source hardware.

In fact, we don’t charge at all for call outs. This is part of our straightforward operation. We don’t want to take advantage and you don’t want to be ripped off by excessive call-out charges, especially for only a small job or when anxieties are high in an emergency.

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A Bit About Canary Wharf

​Canary Wharf is very popular for its plethora of tall skyscrapers, most of which are office spaces. The area boasts 1.5 million square metres of office and retail space, which is no surprise considering it is one of the United Kingdom’s main financial hubs.

The tallest building in E14, and the second tallest in the UK, is One Canada Square, standing at 770 feet with 50 storeys.

Being such an affluent, well-built area, it is of course susceptible to crime. This unfortunate reality means that strong and thorough security precautions must be taken to ensure the safety of buildings, whether they are for commercial or residential use.

Whether you need us to protect against crime or to help you out afterwards, you can trust in R&M, your Canary Wharf locksmith, to manage all aspects of security for you.

Why Us?

Trust and efficiency are what keep us going. R&M locksmith is here whenever you are in need of a Canary Wharf locksmith. Call us day or night and our expert team will be able to provide an efficient and strong solution.

Our locksmithing services span from Canary Wharf across the whole of East London. Whenever you need a Canary Wharf locksmith, we are never far away so can reach you quickly.

Perhaps you just have a query but don’t require any work doing at the minute, or feel like you could do a little job yourself. Our team are happy to help with guidance over the phone if you can send us a photo of the issue you are trying to resolve.

If you have a niggle with a lock, perhaps it is loose or something doesn’t feel like it is properly aligned, fill in our quick quote form online and we will give you a call back to discuss the issue.

In an emergency, it is best to call us direct. You can reach us on (+44) 7557513437 and this way, we can respond immediately.

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