Every day, we take our exterior doors for granted, as they silently keep us warm and secure in the sanctuary that is home. An external wooden door come in a dazzling array of shapes and sizes, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The choices you make when buying a new front or back door can positively or negatively impact the look and/or security of your property, so knowing the facts before you take the plunge can be very useful.

With this in mind, we take a closer look at external wooden doors and their various pros and cons to installing them in your home – to help you better understand if they’re right for you.



When fitted with both a night latch  and a deadlock , a solid wood door is extremely secure and will keep even the most persistent burglars out. There were more than 75,000 burglaries in the capital in 2017 alone, so the robust nature of a solid wood exterior door offers real peace of mind to London homeowners. Whilst wooden doors aren’t quite as sturdy as composite doors, they’re somewhat stronger than those made uPVC varieties.


There are no disadvantages to speak of in terms of security. As long as your external wooden door is fitted with a good quality night latch, mortice lock, deadlock  or euro cylinder it should provide an adequate barrier and increase the time it takes to get into your property. This means more time for suspicion to be raised by neighbours and for the authorities to be called.



When it comes to looks and style, there are few more authentic and welcoming than a timber door. Offering a classic elegance that you just don’t get with uPVC, solid wood front and back doors are ideal for those who own period properties. When installed with good quality locks, hinges  and other fittings, a timber door will enhance the look and value of your home and give it a real curb appeal.


Keeping timber doors looking their best does take a little more work than other types of exterior door, especially in the United Kingdom. With extremes of weather becoming more common with every year that passes, a spot of regular maintenance is usually required with external wood doors to keep them in tip top condition. For example, wooden doors can swell during certain types of weather, causing the door to scrape against the inside of the door frame. This can be remedied by shaving the sides and top of the door to bring it back to its original size.



Whilst a bit of minor maintenance every few years might be needed to keep a external wooden door looking its absolute best, a good quality wooden door can be expected to last a good number of years. Look after your wooden exterior doors and they will look after you.


The durability of some types of exterior wooden door aren’t necessarily up to the same standard as those crafted from solid wood varieties. Ensuring that the door you opt for when making your purchase is up to standard is an important factor to take into account.

In Summary

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