The Importance of British Standard Locks Making sure to use only British Standard Locks can protect residents, tenants, and landlords in the event of a burglary. In fact, if you’re not using British Standard Locks, you may face complications with your home insurance provider if your home is burglarized.

What Are British Standard Locks?

British Standard Locks are those that have been tested by the British Standards Institution. Because of the rigorous testing procedures, they’re subjected to, these locks boast superior safety ratings. This added protection has important benefits in protecting your home and your insurance policy. Why Are British Standard Locks Important? As noted, British Standard Locks do more than protect your home from an invasion: They also protect your wallet in the event that your home is burglarized.

When shopping for home insurance, you’ll likely discover that many policies offer coverage only for those using British Standard Locks. For those using other locks, insurance policies may be voided if the insurance company deems the locks insufficient for their homes’ protections. In this way, British Standard Locks are generally embedded into most home insurance policies in the UK. Some insurance companies may even provide discounted services for those who use British Standard Locks. For this reason, investing in these top-quality locks can help secure better insurance plans and ensure that your home is covered if someone breaks in.

How Can You Tell If Your Locks Are British Standard?

Being able to determine if your home’s lock conforms to the standards of the British Standards Institute is critical to protecting your safety and finances. Fortunately, all British Standard Locks come equipped with the British Standard Kite Mark for easy identification. Additionally, all British Standard Locks will display a sequence of numbers that relate to the standards met by the lock. When it comes to choosing locks, be aware of the three following standards:

  • BS8621—Most commonly associated with residences, such as flats, this standard refers to locks that only require a key for entry. If you’re looking for a British Standard Lock for your residence, you’ll likely need one that meets this standard.
  • BS3621—This standard refers to locks in which a key is needed for both entry and exit.
  • BS10621—Locks that conform to this standard are generally only able to be locked and unlocked from the outside. By understanding this information, you can better choose a British Standard Lock that can protect against burglaries and voided insurance policies.
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