Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have realised ‘I’ve left my car keys inside my car’ or ‘I’m locked out of my apartment? It is a common accident and we know you want it resolved as quickly as possible, you need a locksmith near me. Well look no further, R&M Locksmith will be there for you.

R&M Locksmith is available whatever the weather, rain or shine, hail or snow – it’s nothing new, we have experienced far worse (apart from hurricanes or tornadoes ha-ha). Our purpose is to help you when you find yourself locked out of your car or home or find that your house has been broken into and you need an emergency locksmith near you to help at any hour of the day.

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When you’re locked outside your car it is important to find a local locksmith to get to you as soon as possible. The situations that we deal with are cases such as realising that you have left the “car keys in my boot” or “keys in the ignition”.

At the first instance of panic, do not attempt to fix the problem yourself! As easy as it looks in movies, getting into a locked car without the correct car key requires specialist tools, knowledge and years of locksmith experience. Don’t fear, R&M Locksmith will be there! We will be there within 20 minutes of your call, and ready to help you with whatever situation you find yourself in.

Another area we specialize in is double glazing doors; we can repair and change your locks if required. R&M Locksmith also deal with commercial doors, such as manual shutters, office doors, internal doors, and front doors. Often, we find customers need a lock upgrade; a British Standard lock is recommended as its performance as a lock is acceptable to the Association of British Insurers and the police services. Moreover, we are also competent in conducting repairs and changes to door mechanisms and window mechanisms.


At R&M Locksmiths we are proud to offer our customers an honest, reliable and value for money service. You can send us a picture of your current situation via WhatsApp and we will give you advice based on years of experience. We aim to be with you in under 30 minutes to deliver you fast and instant help. Give us a call on (+44) 7557 513 437 for a free advice and a quote from one of our locksmiths!
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