Commercial Locksmith News: Vandals Glue Locks Shut

Apr 14, 2024

Commercial Locksmith News: Vandals Glue Locks Shut

Commercial locksmith News: Vandals glue Locks shut; Vandals wearing Halloween masks thought it would be funny to glue up the locks of several businesses in Aberystwyth town centre in some kind of silly stunt.

In the evening on the 31st October, the vandals put superglue into the locks of multiple businesses on the high street including Greggs, Costa, Starbucks, Halifax, Barclays and more. This meant that when the staff came into work the following morning to open up, they were unable to.

Most of the affected businesses could not open for hours, and a commercial locksmith had to be called to see what they could do with the damage.

Gaining Access

Fortunately for workers at the Greggs store, the sliding doors still worked despite the glued locks. It ended up being a place of refuge for the locked-out staff until the locks could be sorted out by the commercial locksmith.

The banks struggled as they had to wait until the afternoon for a commercial locksmith to get them in and to have new locks fitted.

An Unusual Trick

Usually, when a locksmith is called for vandalism, it is due to a break-in. The vandals in this instance seemed not to want to steal anything but to cause stress, uncertainty and perhaps fear for the town centre workers, which would then anger customers who needed to use the services.

This instance goes to show that having functional, quality CCTV systems may be able to help find the culprits, despite their Halloween masks. It is helpful for all businesses to have CCTV systems so that whether their own or neighbouring businesses are victims of vandalism, they may be able to help one another out with footage.

Commercial Locksmith Security Systems

It is crucial to have high-performance security systems for all kinds of businesses. Whether it is a product or service you offer, there are still premises which are used for day-to-day business operation.

As a business owner or manager, you want to be able to leave work at the end of the day knowing that things will remain in the same condition so that business can operate as usual the following day.

At R&M Locksmith, we understand the necessity of having security systems that protect businesses, as well as homes. Our commercial locksmith in East London is available 24 hours around the clock.

R&M Locksmith

We are here whenever you need us, so if your business does fall victim to vandalism, then you can rest assured we can have a commercial locksmith with you fast to resolve the problem.

The team at R&M comes highly recommended by many happy customers, which you can see in our lovely Google Reviews.

We use a broad range of locks, from traditional hardware to digital systems with codes and fobs. In the case of this instance in Aberystwyth, it looks as though the traditional locks which were glued shut led to the longest business downtime. Perhaps a combination of security measures may help to combat this, should any vandals try it again.

When you use R&M for domestic or commercial locksmith services, we can survey the rest of your premises for free to ensure that all of the locks and security measures function properly and provide the best levels of protection. We can advise on new hardware and tech to look into for additional security if you would like.

Whether you are taking precautions or recovering from lock troubles, our commercial locksmith can help you find the best solutions.

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