Double glazing repairs and maintenance


We’re all aware of the benefits that double glazed windows and doors provide – they look good, reduce unwanted noise from outside, and are much more energy efficient than the timber frames they often replace. In fact, they come with so many benefits that we can take them for granted, and not maintain them as we should! Ignore that missing key for the window, or the door that doesn’t quite lock right, and yes this handle does work, there’s a knack to it, you just need to lift a bit and…

At R&M Locksmiths we have years of experience in dealing with these sorts of problems. We offer efficient, reliable and professional double glazed window and door repairs and maintenance services, with your safety and security as our top priority. We offer a range of maintenance solutions to help stop those minor issues becoming major ones… but on those unfortunate occasions when the major problems do occur, we are able to help with those, too.

Call us now to discuss your needs, and we’ll handle the rest.


Home security is one key area in which double glazed windows and UPVC doors offer excellent benefits – however, these benefits can be lost if they are not properly maintained and serviced. Those minor repair needs that we ignore and ‘put up with’ every day can, if left unattended, cause damage to the integrity of the complex mechanisms within our windows and doors and develop into bigger problems – that means bigger security risks, and bigger repair bills!
At R&M Locksmiths we have years of experience dealing with these sorts of problems, meaning a call to us today to look at that jittering door handle or loose window lock can provide you with peace of mind and a BIG long-term saving. If you have any concerns at all about the integrity of your windows and doors, you simply can’t afford to take the risk – call the expert repair engineers at R&M Locksmiths, and we can assess and fix the problem today. Similarly, if the beading on your double glazed windows is on the outside, give R&M Locksmiths a call today. External beading is a known security risk, and our quality team of specialists can help make things right.

At R&M Locksmiths we have built a strong reputation over a number of years as a quality, trustworthy and competitively priced provider of a wide range of locksmith services, servicing numerous happy clients across London. If you have any concerns about the locks or handles of your UPVC doors and windows, a quick phone call today to our specialist team will be the first step to giving you and your family the secure home you deserve.


Sometimes it is easy to forget the important role that your double glazed windows and double glazed doors play. It is very simple to get them installed and then neglect to get them serviced. Unfortunately, forgetting to do this can put the security of your home at risk. 

What should you do if you are unsure?

Due to the complex mechanisms of UPVC doors and windows, we advise that if you feel a jitter from the handle of your door or window contact one of our East London Locksmiths straight away otherwise it can cause a strain which will result in the mechanisms failing. Our specialists double glazing repair engineers can repair all types and brands of UPVC doors and windows. R&M Locksmiths have many years of experience and we have encountered and fixed a range of double glazing issues that have left our customers extremely happy.
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How do I Identify the problem with my UPVC doors?

We always advise our clients that the most expensive part of a double glazed door is the mechanism, so once this fails you will need to replace it immediately. The most common reason for a failing mechanism is the build-up of dirt. Due to ware and tare, the dust, wind and rain can collect as debris and dirt and embed into it which can result in parts within the door failing to operate efficiently. When this occurs, therefor double glazed repairs can be anywhere between £90 to £800. Your windows go through the same effects so please have them serviced and cleaned on a regular basis.

What issues could I face with my double glazed windows?

Your first point of call is to check whether your beading is on the outside or the inside. If the beading is on the outside please contact R&M Locksmiths as soon as possible as this provides easy access to anyone who wants to force entry into your home.
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What should I do next?

If you experience any of these problems with your double glazing or have not had your windows and doors serviced in some time, get in touch with R&M Locksmiths today. We have years of experience in securing peoples home and we have built a strong reputation through word of mouth. We are easy to work with, transparent and always put the needs of the customer first.

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