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Emergency Locksmith East London

Emergency Locksmith East London

Emergency Locksmith Specialists – there are any number of reasons that you might need a call-out from an emergency locksmith. Whether it’s a simple case of: “I’ve locked my keys in the house”, or it’s a more complex scenario, R&M Locksmiths are experienced specialists in managing all varieties of emergency locksmith call-out – so when we come to your door, you’re in safe, expert hands.

Call us now – and we can talk you through your next steps, whatever your emergency locksmith dilemma is.

Emergency Locksmith Services in East London

  • Emergency Locksmith
  • Fast, reliable service 24/7;
  • 24 Hour Locksmith
  • Expert, fully trained and qualified locksmiths;
  • Tailored actions to suit your situation;
  • Upfront pricing and straightforward advice.
  • Reliable and Certified Emergency Locksmith in East London

Emergency Locksmith East London

Why R&M Locksmith?

Our super-fast emergency locksmith call-out service is available 24/7; because emergencies don’t clock off at 5pm! In the event of your emergency, we get to you as quickly as possible and assess your situation on an individual basis. Additionally, as well as providing a solution for your current emergency, we can advise you on the best replacement locks, with a free security survey of your home whilst on site.

We are upfront and transparent about all our prices for the emergency locksmith call-out service and provide reliable, quick service at the time you need it most. Want to get in touch but not sure on prices?

You can see all the prices on our straightforward Pricing Page.

East London Locksmith Emergencies

You might imagine most emergencies are a bit more dramatic than: “I’ve locked myself out rushing to get the children to school”, but that’s actually the most common reason for emergency locksmith call-outs! Some other types of emergency situation that might require a locksmith call-out are:

  • “I’ve lost my keys somewhere and can’t get into my house!”
  • “My lock is broken due to a burglary!”
  • “The key has broken in the lock and I can’t fix it!”
  • “My child is locked inside the house!”
  • “My ex-partner may try to get into my house!”


On most emergency call-outs, our locksmith will try what we call the non-destructive route (for example, professional lock-picking). That’s the quickest and cleanest method to re-enter without damaging the lock, and it takes anywhere between 1 and 5 minutes.

However, sometimes we may have to use a destructive route – but don’t panic, this isn’t as dramatic as it sounds! The destructive process only surrounds the lock, and not your door (although you might be left with a scuff-mark or two following the procedure). This is definitely a last resort for us, and rest assured we will endeavour to keep damage to an absolute minimum!

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