Locksmith-in-Hackney-WickObserving the crime rate in Hackney for burglaries, for the year ending in March 2018, there is 10.45 police recorded crimes per 1000 population. Worryingly this figure is etching towards the upper quartile in overall comparison to areas around Hackney, and unfortunately, the vehicle crime rate is not much better recording a rate of 10.90 crimes per 1000 population. These figures are alarming hence it is imperative for you to keep your home and car safe by contacting R&M Locksmith; your locksmith in Hackney.

As a locksmith in Hackney, we provide double glazing repairsauto locksmith services, andcommercial locksmith. At R&M Locksmiths we are proud to offer our customers an honest, reliable and value for money service. We are available whatever the weather, rain or shine, hail or snow – it’s nothing new, we have experienced far worse (apart from hurricanes or tornados ha-ha). Our purpose is to help you when you find yourself locked out of your car or home or find that your house or car has been broken into and you need an urgent locksmith in E8 to help at any hour of the day.


The multicultural London Borough of Hackney has lately been described as London’s most live-able borough, it is known for its nightlife in Shoreditch and its amazing street art. The people of Hackney are of many different backgrounds making it a truly diverse area bringing together several cultures. It is also the third most densely populated borough which has contributed to its crime rate is higher than boroughs close by. So necessary safety precautions need to be taken before any crime takes place and so we aim to provide a local locksmith in Hackney to help you when you need us most.

R & M Locksmith provides a locksmith in Hackney and to neighboring areas you can find a locksmith in Stratford, Stoke Newington, Homerton and, Clerkenwell. A local locksmith in E8 would see to your needs promptly and fit the locks you need for your security and safety immediately. We want our customers to feel safe and reassured hence why we provide you with our top locks with lasting durability. We aim to be with you in under 30 minutes to deliver you fast and instant help. Give us a call on (+44) 7557513437 for a free advice and a quote from one of our locksmiths!


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